Betatrak New System


The CMD 63A Betatrak System caters for single phase standard, clean earth (CE) noiseless, auxiliary, three phase or dual applications. Betatrak comes in lengths of 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m or 3.6m with tap-off positions provided at 300mm or 600mm*. The system is therefore very versatile and suitable for high through to low density tapoff requirements.
All integral connectors and tap-off plug sockets are colour coded to avoid any possible errors during assembly. For maximum safety each operates a shutter on insertion to ensure no accidental contact can be made.


Betatrak used within raised access floors is normally arranged in parallel runs with the feed units to the Betatrak orientated towards the incoming supply. This offers an economic format inherent in long straight runs. Spacing should be a maximum of 5 metres between each length of track and 2.5 metres from the perimeter when using a standard 3 metre tap-off to a floor box.

Attention should be given to the total power requirements to avoid exceeding the maximum power rating of the Busbar. This is based on the maximum power requirement for each floor access floor box.

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