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We stock a huge grommet range including floor grommets, desk grommets, access grommets, cable hives and IP66 water & dust-proof grommets. We sell simple power grommets, and combined power & data grommets. Our grommets come in a range of materials and include plastic grommets, stainless steel grommets, chrome grommets and even wooden grommets for the ultimate in desk luxury. And of course there are multiple grommet colours to choose from, and a huge range of grommet sizes available.

We are proud to represent most if not all of the major grommet manufacturers including Electrak (Electrak grommets) and PowerPlan (PowerPlan CMD cable hives) in addition to offering our own competitively priced brand of PDM grommets.

So please take a browse through the categories below, and if you can’t find what you want amongst the hundreds of grommets on display please contact us for advice as we’ll be pleased to help as we are constantly expanding our range.

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