Power Data Management Ozone Desk Range

Ozone delivers a perfect balance between beautiful design and budget. The curved extruded aluminum body and black interiors wouldn’t look out of place in any office.

Ozone comes in two, three and four power socket configurations with maximum of four audio visual outlets to be configured how you wish. All units are fused and have the option of a switched neon if required. The unit comes with two standard quick fix ratchet clamps for easy positioning and a 500mm drop cable with a wieland ST18 connector.

Please select the number of sockets required from the three boxes below and configure the rest within that option, Clamping arms and bases, Power Cables, Data Cables and Modules for Cat5e, Cat6, HDMi, USB, and Audio.

So please take a browse through the categories below, and if you cant find what you what amongst these options please contact us for advice, as we’ll be pleased to help as we are constantly expanding our range.

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