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Wet Wash IP66 Floor Boxes & Grommets

Power Data Management are able to supply IP66 wet wash floor boxes in both cavity and screed formats. The base units manufactured from galvanized steel, the lid units from stainless steel with a precision circular removable section to allow access, and a captive o ring ensure IP66 rating.

These units are usually manufactured to the customers specifications or we can quote a floor box from one our previous designs. It has taken many prototypes and man hours to achieve a product that is able to be rated to IP66, this is why they are POA and information on the site is limited.

IP66 Cavity & Screed Single Outlet Floor Boxes

These units are available in both cavity and screed applications with brass and stainless steel lid options. A very cost effective method of having an attractive power source whether indoors or outdoors. Each unit is able to provide a single 13a or 5a unswitched socket outlet, however these can be clipped together to offer more outlet if required.

The lid section will lock open when in use and will support the weight of a person without breaking, protecting the cable from damage.  The cavity base unit is 161mm sq with a cutout of 145mm sq and a depth of 69mm and has fastening hooks to secure it in place.

The screed base unit is 135mm sq with a cutout of the same 135mm sq and a depth of 60mm and is secured by the screed around it and or screwed to the sub floor if necessary. Lockable lid & Power and data options are available for special order if required.

Please take a browse through the products below, and if you cant find what you want amongst these options please contact us for advice, or follow the links to alternative manufactures below.

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