Cavity Floor Boxes

Cavity Floor Boxes

To be installed into a floor void typically floor tile or between floor joists.

We stock a large range of cavity floor boxes by major premium brands such as Electrak, Powerplan and Britmac to our own PDM range which are extremely good value and quality.

The PDM range of cavity boxes are avlaible in 1, 2, small 3 and large 3 or 4 compartments. The 3/4 compartment boxes having options of 6mm,12mm, and 20mm ABS plastic and steel.

If our standard options are not to your liking we are also able to offer non standard floor boxes with varying depths of lid recess and compartment sizes, ideal for tile or wood floor finishes.

In addition we can also manufacture new accessory plates, frames and lids useful when they are obsolete from the manufacturer and replacement is not an option.

Other types of floor outlet boxes: Screed, IP66, Grommets and Slab

So please take a browse through the categories below, and if you cant find what you what amongst these options please contact us for advice, as we’ll be pleased to help as we are constantly expanding our range.

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