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Refurbishment Floor Service Boxes

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The PDM refurbishment floor outlet box assemblies are primarily designed as an easy means of upgrading outdated and possibly obsolete existing units, with the minimum of inconvenience to the end user. The complete assemblies can comprise of up to five component parts (dependent on the specific requirements of an individual project or installation), the basic sub-assembly parts being, hinged trap, surround trim, upper sub-frame, outlet mounting plates selection and lower base box.

The Hinged Trap is designed where possible to be fully reversible in use, and is provided in a grey polyester powder coated finish, to give an aesthetic appearance both open and closed.

The Surround Trim is produced in a selection of materials, coated steel, brushed stainless steel and brass. The unit is produced in a single piece format to ensure rigidity, with a beveled edge to retain floor finish and minimise wear.

The Upper Sub-frame is manufactured in a single piece format, incorporating ‘single-fix’ Base Box location where practical, for ease of installation and to permit simple maintenance during use.

The optional Lower Base Box Unit is normally designed to locate within the confines of the existing base box assembly, generally to facilitate an improved upper sub-frame fixing when required.


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